Le Naturelle continue learning and searching and using feedbacks from the clients to do better. What  notice most of women begining in their thirties is the pigmentation of the skin. Pigmentation is not only the sign of aging, it can be in your genes,hormonal influences, pregnancy, Vitamine deficiencies such as Vitamine A or C. But the number one cause is UV-light or SUN exposure. 

Le Naturelle is specialized in anti - pigmentation. to lighten it if not to control it from coming. The sooner the better. Prevention is better than cure.  With few treatments to follow, the right product maintenance to use at home and with a little discipline,then we can achieve the maximum result.

But of course of younger age  we have treatment to prevent pigmentation to come.

And  for asian or darker skin type, who wants their skin to get  that lighter and fairer look, Le Naturelle have a brightening and whitening treatment and products for you.

For more information, you can call and make an appointment. See you soon in my salon, with a cup of cappuccino or tea, together we can discuss what your skin needs and how we can make it better.